The Romance Genre on the Web

Researching online romance genre communities and their perspectives

About Bronwyn

I chose this research project for my PhD because it brings together a lot of my interests. I’ve been reading romance for (gulp!) thirty years, since I was a young teenager, along with a wide range of other genres, including literary fiction. I’ve always dabbled in writing – there’s always been a mob of character voices and storylines in my head – but I didn’t sit down to work seriously on writing until about 6 years ago.

I write fairly gritty romantic suspense, mostly set in Australia’s wild places, and although I’m not published (yet!) I’ve learned a lot in the past 6 years, much of it due to being part of, and supported by, online writing communities and a couple of writing organisations. I write under the name Bronwyn Parry.

My ‘day job’ is as an Educational Developer at the University of New England, where I work with academic staff assisting them in designing online teaching strategies and courses.

So, this PhD research project combines all of that – my interests in learning (both formal and informal), in online communities, in reading the romance genre and in writing it. I’m looking forward to this active stage of the research – romance is a fascinating genre, much under-rated, and the women and men who read, write, publish and market it make up a vibrant and exciting online community which I can’t wait to explore further!