The Romance Genre on the Web

Researching online romance genre communities and their perspectives

About this research blog

I’m Bronwyn Clarke, a part-time PhD student at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia.

My research project will explore internet communities of romance readers and writers and their perspectives on the genre.

This research blog is part of the research project. Through interacting with online romance readers and writers and inviting comment and discussion on a range of issues and topics in the romance genre, I will gather important information about how readers and writers read and interpret the genre, and their perspectives on a range of issues.

Given the highly negative criticism that most romance readers and writers have endured from academe and the press, I would like to assure participants that in undertaking this research, I am working from the following beliefs:

1. That romance is an important and rich genre;
2. That what women value is important and worthy of recognition and respect; and
3. That romance readers and writers have a wide range of valid, and valuable, perspectives on the genre.

I do hope that you will consider participating in this blog and the research project. Your views and thoughts are important. So, too, is your privacy. I do ask that you read the Information for Blog Participants page before you comment on any posts. The Information for Blog Participants explains about the provisions for your privacy, the publication, use and storage of the data from this blog, and contact details if you have questions or concerns about the conduct of the research.