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Media interest

Filed under: Uncategorized — Bron at 10:21 pm on Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It’s been an amazing couple of days. My university sent out a media release yesterday morning, about my being a finalist in the Romance Writer’s of America Golden Heart Award. I expected the local paper to pick it up, and perhaps the regional radio station, but the response has been fantastic – I’ve done two radio interviews today, for the local regional radio station and the station for the north coast, a television news segment, an interview for the major news agency that feeds across the country, and I’m lined up for another TV news interview tomorrow, and a spot on Radio National next week, just before I fly out to Dallas.

There’s been an increase in visitors to this research blog today as a result. For any folks looking for information about my writing, it’s on the web under my penname, Bronwyn Parry.

The various interviewers have asked some good questions, and its been a great opportunity to talk about the contemporary romance genre. I hope I’ve done it justice.

Writer’s resources and learning online

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I’d like to ask authors and aspiring authors a few questions about their learning about the craft and business of writing and publishing. I know, in my own case, that I floundered as a beginning writer, isolated in a small town, until I found online groups and links to and information about the Romance Writers of Australia.

So, I’m interested as part of my research in what role, if any, the myriad of online groups, sites and resources have played for you.

1. How have online resources, groups and sites contributed to your development as a writer? What has been most useful? What has been least useful, or counter-productive for you?

2. Have you ever attended a formal writing program/course (eg at a college or university). If so, how did your learning in that program compare with what you have learned as a result of online or other activity?

3. What’s your advice to aspiring writers about online resources and groups?